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we offer a variety of services.

Which ones for you?

Paint your own pot or Baby prints? We strongly advise to book as our tables are limited. If you pop by we will always try our best to accommodate you however, if you know when you are coming, please book in advanced using the sections below. Please book with which service you would like so we can make sure we can give you the best service we can offer.

Slots are 2 hours each (1 hour for baby prints decorated by us and clay imprints throughout the week) however if you are planning on painting a larger item or multiple items do let us know and we can book you in for longer. 


Please note: our sessions for baby prints and clay imprints on a Saturday are 2 hours and we only book one slot in per session (10am, 12pm, and 2pm)

We take all bookings through our website, so our 'book now' and 'request to book' buttons will direct you through the process.



07595 954 155

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Choose a pot and paint it to your liking... Plant pots, mugs, plates, bowls, tea pots and much more! Book a session on a Saturday at 10, 12, or 2. We have a rainbow of colours, stamps, ideas and advice to help you create your own masterpiece!

Baby Prints

A perfect way to capture your little ones prints forever. We can finish the artwork off for you or give it a go yourself. We have plenty of ideas and designs available to create something special for you to keep or to send as a gift. 


We have a range of lovely cards and gifts to offer. Why not pop in to have a browse or chat to us about creating you something specific that you have in mind. We also have gift cards for sale - perfect for birthdays or expectant parents to create something special!

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