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About Oh hello.

Oh Hello is a creative studio & shop full of personalised & handmade gifts for creating or for buying. Located in the beautiful historical settlement of Fulneck, Pudsey, surrounded with stunning views, our lovely little shop is here to provide you with handmade gifts to make you smile or inspiration to make your own creation. Here at Oh, Hello we're about creating something that you can treasure or to gift to someone. All our pots can be made in to meaningful, personalised items, and we have all the tools, skills, and knowledge to help you create them. 


Whether you want to come spend an afternoon with us painting your own pot for that special person, or just want to try your hand at ceramic painting - we can provide plenty of ideas and help. Bring the little ones in to create some lovely memories with hand and footprints or just pop in to choose from our lovely range of cards and gifts. We have plenty to offer to create unique gifts and keepsakes for anyone and everyone!

Painting Pottery
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Our STory


A little about me..

Oh, hello there! My name is Emily, the person behind Oh, Hello Studio. The moment you come through our door, I'll be the one greeting you and giving you all the help and advice you need to create your own beautiful pot! Perhaps instead of a pot, baby prints might be the product you're after - whatever the item or design I'll certainly point you in the right direction. 

My artistic journey started at a young age creating hundreds of finger paintings, paper-mache animals, and crayon scribbles for everyone around me. I just know that 'little Emily' would have loved to have visited Oh, Hello Studio to create something special of her very own.  

With lots of artistic background knowledge, expertise in painting and skills working with ceramics having ran another pottery studio for two years successfully, you are guaranteed a product you're happy with for life. So happy, I'm certain you'll be making a return visit.

I look forward to meeting you and all who come along with you to Oh, Hello. 

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* Evenings Available to Book for groups of 8 or more. Contact us for more Details

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